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Doing Well Agriculture is a combination of the fundamentals of yesterday and the efficiencies of tomorrow.  We specialize in agriculture products that meet high standards and provide sustainable solutions for our members and the general public to enjoy for may years to come.

At our core, we come from a foundation of agriculture build on hundreds of acres of organic land established over fifty years ago.  We have heavily invested in the dairy business with grass-fed only cows and products from dairy. We have expanded to additional products we plan to distribute with the same quality of care and attention to detail we have been known for. Our network of farms and farmers contribute to our success and reap the benefits of doing business with us for long term success.

Some of the great things that we offer along with our products is an experience that is fruitful and enjoyable for all that participate. We want to take this time to welcome you to an agriculture adventure that you, the family, and all friends can enjoy.

    Doing Well Agriculture

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